Potential Building Contractors – What Questions to Ask before Hiring Them

Never hesitate to enquire about the business history of the prospective builder. The requests made by you should be duly verified by him. Find out if the contractor has obtained the required license to work in that area. Each state has its own set of rules which are absolutely mandatory in nature. Enquire about the need for acquiring any other forms of registered license.

Questions Related to the Work Crew

Ask the contractor if he has a work force of his own. Some people appoint sub contractors to take care of the project. In such cases you must have detailed records of each and every transaction. These records can shield you in situations where the contractor plays truant with the payment. If the sub contractors do not get their dues in time, then your home can come within the purview of mechanic’s lien. You can be sued for compensation. Always ask for lien waivers from the contractors and suppliers.

Basic Queries

Certain key questions must be asked beforehand. Be very specific about the deadline. The contractor must tell you how much time he will be able to devote to your project on a weekly basis. A professional builder always does a fine act of juggling between various projects.  Try to get a clear idea about them.  Ask him if the contractor will do the supervision on his own. Third party verifications must be done by insurance agencies or the local courts.

Choose custom home builder who can provide you with trustworthy answers.


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