Plumbing Works That You Need to Check Prior On Moving To Your New House

You need to be extremely cautious and inspect every part of your home before making a decision to buy it. You need to inspect the entire plumbing and the structure to before you close the deal. It is important that you spend time inspecting the various aspects of the house especially the plumbing before taking the plunge. A reputed seller need not hide anything and therefore would not be ruffled about your interest in the finer points of the house. You need to be ready for getting down on the ground while inspecting the plumbing.

You need to inspect the following points while checking the plumbing system in the new house.

Inspect the water meter

You need to check whether the water meter and the shut valve is working properly before buying the house. The water meter and the shut valve are the important in managing the supply of water to the house.

Inspect the pipes

Old houses have lead and galvanized pipes which can be extremely toxic for children. It is imperative that you identify such pipes and change the plumbing before making the decision to invest in the house. To do this professionally, contact the plumber.

Size of the pipe

The pipe diameters and the size is extremely important to determine the water pressure and the quality of water. For the water pressure to be the best the lines should be ¾” to one inch directly from the main water source and the pipe should be at least half inch in diameter.

There are things which you need to check as well. This includes the leaking toilet and water heater. Should you find any problems with these, contact immediately a professional Handy man Gold Coast.