Photo Booth Rental Charge

Groupon and other such daily deal sites offer a lot of options, at discounted rates. Though these may not be the best source to hire a photo booth rental from, there is no harm in trying your luck here! Check the cheap photo booth hire Perth.

Try to haggle for a lesser price for idle hours

Only a few rental companies would let you get away with a free charge for the ‘idle time’; that is the hours when the photo booth is not in use. Some companies may charge you from the minute they set up the booth, till the end of the party. So an ideal middle path would be to fix a certain number of hours, preferably at an hour when you expect the guests to have been done with their formalities and have time on their hands to indulge in some photo ops, and try to haggle for a reduced charge for all the idle hours in between.

Get creative and get more for the same price

When you rent a photo booth, you are allowed to get creative and ask for customized designs for the photo strips and templates for photo albums and so on. You are paying them for their time, so make sure you get the best out of the deal. Also make sure the rental company sends an attendant along so you do not have to worry about who’s manning the booth.

Capture action shots

Just because a photo is still does not mean it cannot be about doing something. Action shots, where people are in the midst of ‘doing’ like dancing, or throwing their hats off after graduation, or just clinking glasses for a toast can make for lively and memorable pictures.

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