Office Warning Signs – The Right Colour Combinations

Most office managers choose signs on the basis of the size of the office and employee strength. For instance, you may need to up more boards or larger signages for larger premises while smaller, fewer ones would be acceptable for small size offices.

The colour coding and combination plays a big role in defining the signages. Since the objective of your signages is to warn people or make them more aware, you cannot use the same colour tones you typically would for creative business signs in Sunshine Coast.

Nothing Garish

Your signages need to look pleasant. While on the one hand the colour code should be such so that people do not ignore, on the other hand, it cannot be too garish. Bright hues or pastel shades do not work well for warning purposes. Furthermore, these tones are not considered serious enough. If your aim is to warm someone, you will have to use more mature colour. A dash of grey, red, black, white or brown would help here.

If you run a creative set-up and want a more unique interpretation, you can always opt for other colours. However, choose a shade that adheres to the objective. Otherwise it won’t make any sense to put it up at all.

Simple is Best

Somehow simplicity works best if you are trying to warn people or make a point. For instance, if you are looking for good colour tones for your marketing signages, you can experiment with a host of shades. However, when it comes to warning signages and boards, it is better to stick to simple tones, basic colours and common shades.

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