New Off-road Caravan

Visually inspect the exterior of your caravan thoroughly especially the roof for signs of corrosion or any other damage. Lubricate all fixings and hinges especially at doors; windows and all the shades and awnings. Check for easy movement and pay special attention to the rubber sealing on windows for signs on fraying. Always reseal all the corners every five to seven years for maximum protection against the elements and insects. Always wash the exteriors thoroughly and apply polish after each journey.

Exterior Lamps

Clean all exterior lamps regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust that can make them hazy. Check all wirings thoroughly and replace frayed connections immediately. Go through the rubber linings around the lamps to see if they are tight enough to prevent the entry of moisture.


Gas Connection

While a cooking gas cylinder is an absolute must it can also lead to serious fire hazards if not maintained properly. Check for gas leakage at regular intervals by turning the knob on and spraying with a liquid detergent for signs of bubble. Never use a lighted matchstick to check for gas leakage as this might blow up your entire caravan. Check the hose at regular intervals for wear and tear.

Maintaining a Pop-top Off-road Caravan

If you have a pop-top model, the movable roof will require additional care and maintenance. Regularly clean the fabric part of the roof with suitable detergent or cold water to prevent the development of mould. Always let the fabric dry complete before putting it back in place. Clean and lubricate all moving parts and check periodically for signs of corrosion.