Must Learn Programming Languages for Web Development

Programming languages are known to be the codes that programmers type in so that you can access the computer in a very user friendly way. With the help of past programmers’ research papers, new programmers were able to improve many things in computers and other devices which is why many high technology devices such as cellphones and new operating systems are very user friendly to the point where you can command them with your own voice, and unlock them with your own fingerprints! It’s a great thing that technology is advancing thanks to the programming languages, and the developer’s logic that made it into a success!

One of the most in demand jobs that are related to programming are web developers because websites are always in demand nowadays especially for businesses that need more marketing solutions for more productivity in their own flow of money. There are lots of programming languages that are very useful for web developers, and here are the must learn programming languages aside from HTML, CSS and Javascript that’s very helpful for website designing and creating a very functional website for some businesses:

Turbo C

This is known to be a very powerful programming language that most software have in common. This is a programming language that’s perfect for making websites that are fully functional because of the basic algorithms that you can place in the system with this one.


This is an improved form of C that’s known to have additional features that you can apply to any website especially nowadays where more complicated solutions are being made to make work more efficient and will never cost too much memory.


This is a programming language that’s perfect for making systems in a server side basis. This is usually used for making databases and other systems that also have wonderful website designs. This is quite complicated, but with enough studying and mastery of the language, for sure you will be able to get the hang of it! This is also good for securing the website.


This is also known to be a good programming language that you can also use to create a good looking system for websites, and this is a powerful one indeed which is why some websites only have this on their system to make it fully functional. Additional programming languages with ASP.NET are known to be well secured as well.


This is one of the most basic programming languages that are perfect for placing applications, and is good for some websites that might need a system that’s fully functional and very user friendly. However, this programming language is quite hard to master compared to C and C++.