Must-have Signages for a Corporate

Signages are a practical feature that help passersby and normal day commuters to better understand what a company deals in or what safety measures to take, for instance while driving. There are various kinds of signages in today’s time. Some are used for road safety purposes; some are used as warning signs during major construction activities while others may just be installed to act as a source of information. What follows are some of the common must have signages for your office. Hire Signage in Sunshine Coast!

Restroom Signs

It is a social rule for any owner of a public place or office premise to put up restroom signs indicating which room is for whom in terms of men and women. Signs are also often put up to indicate where the restrooms are located in most commercial places.

If you have a small office with few employees, door signs would be more than enough. If you are planning signages for a larger space, corridor signs that show the way to the restrooms are necessary.

Reception and waiting areas

How will guests, postmen, utility personnel or new staff members know where to wait for you? Ideally, every office space, public area and large commercial space should sport clear Reception and Waiting area signs.

These areas are usually the ones located close to the main entry point of any office. It is set-up like a lounge with comfortable seating arrangements. However, if there is no sign indicating what it is, it will not be possible for unfamiliar personnel or visitors to identify where to go.

You should always go for reputable sign makers to create signages for your office.

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