Major Interventions by Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is actually a multidisciplinary science which has physiology, biochemistry and physics as its roots. This health discipline concerns itself with providing maximum mobility and improving the life conditions of the patient. The base of physiotherapy is made by clinical reasoning and scientific evidence on the musculo skeletal system.

Physiotherapists engage in continuous evaluation, subsequent medical assessment, and culmination of expert opinions and then final implementation of the decided line of action. Managing and keeping the various symptomatic manifestations of osteoarthritis and rheumatism falls under the realm of physiotherapy.

The symptoms of arthritis are treated by several exercises (as suggested by expert physiotherapists). These exercises fall into two distinct groups; water and land exercises. There is also the ample use of independent self supporting techniques, educating literature, mobilising the damaged joints, electro-therapy and teaching the patient to use various protection devices for the joints.

Self management programs

Self management programmes are very important in context of increasing the awareness and knowledge of individuals suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis. Physiotherapists across the country have joined hands in delivering formal as well as informal programmes to promote better arthritis management.

These programmes stress upon incorporating lifestyle changes, properly following instructions of physiotherapists and correct usage of manual aids like knee caps and walking sticks.

Medical research conclusively proves that people who have attended such self management programmes regularly are 60% more successful in managing their lifestyle than patients who have just relied on exercise/heat therapy. Physiotherapist Sydney is being touted as one of the most successful branches of medical science that has a direct impact on the quality of patients’ life.