Maintaining and Cleaning your Insect Screen

The most common type of damage sustained by window screens is when someone pokes a hole through them. Luckily there are readymade patches available to repair window screen holes. Most home improvement stores and hardware stores are likely to stock these patches. If you are house proud and do not want the patch to spoil the look of the entire window then you can opt to have the entire insect screen replaced. Simply scout around for screen repair services, tell them your window dimensions and they will get the screen replaced for you. You can check the local telephone directory for contacts of screen makers.

Window screen cleaning norms

If you are cleaning insect screens then you should remember that it’s not safe to pressure wash screens. In pressure washing the water comes out at a high speed and this might damage the screen. If you do not want your screen to bend, tear or sustain cracks then its best that you do not apply harsh force on the screens.

Install the Security Screen Door

Once all the hinges, locks and handles are in place, it’s time to install the actual door.To professionally do this, contact the Ajay Security Australia. If your assembly pack contains three wedges, use these to prop up the door while your attach the hinges to the frame. Try to leave a gap of at 3mm on all sides to avoid abrasions. Ask for help to hold the door firmly in position as you fix the hinges so that the door is perfectly leveled. Once the door is fixed, fit in the striker plate.

For welded steel, diamond grille, and llumar security film, choose Starlinesecurity.

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