Lapses that Can Be Avoided When Creating a Business Card

Business cards are important marketing material to promote your company to your clients. When designing a business card, see to it that it will informative and has the correct color combination. You can contact digital printers Sydney to help you with the design of your business cards. What follows are some of the lapses that can be avoided when creating business cards.

Wrong font size and styles

Using four different font sizes and styles across six lines of text can be a blunder in the business card. Your clients expect professional cards with readable information. Mixing bold, italicized and underlined fonts together in a single business card makes it look cluttered. The font used should be in accordance with the work you do. Sticking to one or two font sizes and styles gives a sophisticated appearance to the business card and make it look cleaner.

The cluttered look

Dividing your business card into different sections and adding the right image or right content at the right place becomes essential to avoid the cluttered look on the card. A business card should just introduce you to the client and not talk about your whole life history. Try to utilize the space well and do not find an opportunity to fill up every empty space on the card. If there is a need to add any essential information, you could use the back of your business card efficiently as well.

Using inappropriate printing kits

You may want to give a try at printing your own business card by using an affordable printing kit. But at the same time, when you consider printing a huge number of business cards using the most modern designs and colours, hiring cheap business cards printing can be a better option. The price may be a little high, but the quality and time in which you will receive the card will be worth it. Using printing kits with bad ink quality can hamper the whole look of the business card.

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