Is the Solar Installation Company Accredited by CEC?

The CEC or Clean Energy Council will not grant accreditation to a solar installation company if the latter does not possess the necessary knowledge and expertise required for correct panel installation. So if the company selected by you provides high quality, CEC certified PV panels and kit and is itself accredited by CEC, you can be sure about the quality of their work.

In fact, it is always recommended by experts that solar power consumers should only opt for CEC certified and accredited solar system installers.

If you get your solar panels installed by accredited installers, you will qualify for STCs or Small Scale Technology Certificates, also known as RECs or Renewable Energy Certificates. You can redeem these certificates for cash or transfer these certificates to your installation company in order to obtain a huge discount on the solar panel installation process.

What are the Services Included in the Final Price Quote?

The final price quote should include everything from cost of installation of solar panels and the kit, grid hooking up, incentives and rebates to discounts through STCs or RECs and every other kind of out of pocket payment that you have to make.

What is the Annual Energy Output?

The annual energy output from your solar power system will depend on your location and climate. The installation company selected by you will calculate the capacity of your system based on your location and exposure to sunlight.

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