Invest in Good Lighting Schemes in a Trade Show Booth

Good lighting can automatically transform your setup from an ordinary looking booth to a fantastic one. Don’t put too many contrasting coloured lights in your booth. Instead opt for simple white lights or rice bulbs in a specific colour.

LED lights or strategically placed lanterns could work well provided your theme is party. Remember not to make the effect too OTT as this is a trade show booth design and not a children’s party. There is so much light and sound at the trade show venue that your design has to be really subtle and understated to make a mark.

Draw attention to your products/ services

The purpose of trade show participation is branding and though many businessmen construct beautifully designed booths they are unable to put their branding message across. This is because over decoration of the stalls and the ostentatious design detracts from the actual products and services.

Viewers are too busy looking at the decoration to pay much attention o what is actually being promoted inside the stalls. Keep in mind that the purpose of decoration and design is to highlight your trade offerings and not to overshadow them. If you are unsure about how to represent your booth contact a professional trade show planner for decor and design ideas. Moet of them will suggest to use a top table trade show displays.

Take the load off your staff

There is a whole list of things to be taken care of at the last moment when you are planning a trade show. When you are staff doesn’t have any event planning experience then it’s likely that they can miss out on a couple of details. Coping with something as complicated as a trade show apart from fulfilling their own responsibilities might just get too much for your staff and they will start feeling overworked and strained.

The correct kind of promotion strategy has an effect on almost everything right from the number attendees to the ultimate revenue generated. Anyway it’s difficult to find such a large and dedicated forum for branding your business like a trade show so hire a planner now to capitalise on this opportunity.

For marketing strategy, choose Exhibition displays.

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