Interesting Pranks to Play at a Buck Party

Planning a Bucks party is always an interesting aspect. Every friend or relative of a couple about to get married will look forward to the Bucks party. A stag party or bachelor party is supposed to act as a kind of transition phase for the person who is about to get married. It is therefore planned in such a way so as to allow the main guest and the friends of the groom or bride to just have a great time, with no limits.

In order to spice up a stag party, it is always worthwhile to play a few pranks on the person who is about to get married. These pranks can be planned in such a way so as to surprise the groom and catch him off guard. In this sense, many people plan their pranks before the actual party happens.

Put messages on the back of his shirt

If you are a group of close friends, you will more or less be aware of the kind of outfit the groom – your friend who is to be married plans on wearing for the stag party. Try and put up some random designs or silly messages on the back of the shirt, without him knowing of course. Let him roam around the bar you decide to take him to for the bachelor party and click pictures of him having a good time in spite of the message behind. For instance, one interesting prank message that you could paint on his shirt could be – I am Superman…