Important Exercise Activities Before the Wakeboarding

The wakeboarding is a water sport that demands proper balance and coordination of your body. You should have some exercise to strengthen both your upper body and lower to perform the wakeboarding tricks. Buy some necessary wakeboarding gears here.

Practice the two legged bridge

To do the two legged bridge you should lie on the back with your knees bent behind you and feet pointing directly towards the ground with your hips up in the air. Hold yourself at the top and then lower yourself slowly to the ground. This exercise will put a lot of pressure on your abdominal muscles and force your core muscles to firm up and tighten. Do three sets of the two legged bridge every day and you will be on your way to becoming a pretty good wake boarder.

Do the prone iso abs

The plank exercise is very good for strengthening the core muscles. Professional wakeboard trainers recommend this exercise to anybody who wants to excel at this sport as this stresses on body balance and core strength building.

For doing the plank exercise you have to lie flat on the stomach with your elbows pushed under the shoulders and the forearms on the ground. Now try pushing your body up until you are completely in a flat back position. Hold yourself for 5 seconds and then lower yourself down. You must do at least two sets of 16 reps of this exercise. For increasing the difficulty level of these exercises try doing it on one leg.

You need to learn wake boarding from a professional if you do not know how to use the board. There are safety precautions which you have to follow while wake boarding.

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