How to Test the Ink of Marking Pens if you Want the Ink to Last Long on Products

Marketing pens have been around for decades and they are available in many types and price ranges. Some of the pens possess their own special sources of inks and their tips are constructed out of pressed fiber like felt. There are usually two layers; an outer layer made of aluminum, glass or plastic and an inner area of absorbent felt. The cap is present in order to stop the ink from drying out. When you are using markers you must devise a way to understand whether the ink will last or not.

Facts about markers

A marker is designed in a way that the dye/ ink won’t get washed out of clothes or fade out of promotional items you have just marked it with. Markers have artistic as well as commercial applications. There are markers which can write on varied surfaces like plastic, wood, glass, metal and stone. The performance of markers will vary on all different types of surfaces. Good quality marker ink will not go away even on rubbing and the effect will last for years to come.

There are other types of markers like highlighters which can help illuminate a particular piece of writing. Non permanent markers don’t have elements like xylene in their ink which is why they can be rubbed off easily. Security markers have special elements in their inks which make the writing visible in UV light.

You could try using the marker on a small area on paper and then wait exactly for three seconds before turning it over and pressing it into some other surface. If the colour runs or bleeds then the marker quality is not very good.

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