How to Take Care of your Commercial Juice

There are several types of commercial juicers that can extract the juice in the best way giving you complete satisfaction. Thus, selection of a commercial juicer has to be made in a proper manner so it can allow you to enjoy different types of fruit and vegetable juices. There are masticating juicers of single gear that allows you to break the fruit completely and work better than the centrifugal juicers. No matter what type of juicer you use, it needs to be taken care of completely. This is important so the speed quality and juicing quality of the juicer is not spoiled.


Cleaning a commercial juicer in a proper way is necessary. Once you are done with the juicer, it is vital to clean the parts of the juicer thoroughly where the pulp of the fruit has stuck. If this pulp is not removed at once after use then, it may stick to the walls and become very stubborn which may be difficult to remove especially in the area where the blade is located. The shape of the blade is uneven where the pulp may collect in a stubborn way and removing it will be difficult if you do not clean it right after the use.

None of the juicers should be washed in hot water or dishwasher as it can spoil the plastic. Was it with running water only and as soon as you use it.


It is vital to take care of the quantity when you using the juicer. Do not stuff the fruits and vegetable items to the brim and never make use of knife and other things to stuff the fruits in the juice as it will spoil it.