How to Send a Package from USA to Australia?

Nowadays, you can easily communicate with your loved ones living in diverse geographical locations pan globe, through instant messenger and e-mails. But in order to send item gifts you require the help of shipping to Australia from USA services. If you live in USA and you want to send a gift to your friend in Australia, you may send your item via mail. The entire process is very easy and simple.

Packing the item and preparing the parcel

Firstly, the item that you intend to send from USA to Australia is kept in a box. If the item is fragile and there are chances of breakages, ensure that it is properly padded with foam popcorn or bubble wrap. Seal the parcel using clear packing tape. Write your complete address and name on the box neatly and in the centre write the full address of the recipient.

Contact the United States Postal Service (USPS)

Next, take the box to the nearest local office of prestigious United States Postal Service. Show your parcel to the mail clerk and inform him that you want to send it to an Australian destination, mentioned on the box. The clerk will measure the box and weigh it and will tell you several time and price options for sending the parcel.

The options

The USPS gives you four options for sending international mails to Australia. The cheapest method is the First-Class Mail, but though it is quite economical, the delivery date of the parcel is not guaranteed. In the Priority Mail the parcel reaches its destination in short time duration (minimum six days and maximum ten business days).

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