How to Prevent Knee Injuries When Frequently Using the Treadmill

Running on the treadmill is a great form of cardio vascular exercise. Half an hour of a treadmill stint every day will bring about noticeable positive changes in your health. Running will slave off those stubborn fat stores, perk up your metabolism and keep your cardio vascular system in good shape. However, almost 30% of people who use this exercise equipment have complained of knee injury at some point of time.

Why knees are so vulnerable?

Running is a high impact force which puts a lot of pressure on your lower limbs. This is especially true when you use a sports machine like a treadmill or a cross trainers. Your knees have the biggest and most complex joints in the whole of your body. The trouble increases when you are overweight as this puts even more pressure on your limbs. When you are using the treadmill in gyms Adelaide you are allowing high forces to act against your knees. Generally knee injuries are nagging and troublesome and they can resurface years later after they have been apparently cured.

Wear good shoes

Don’t compromise on the quality of shoes you wear while you working on the treadmill. Shoes encase your feet in a protective cover which indirectly protect the knees too. What kind of sports shoe will work best for you indirectly depends upon the sport you are engaged in and your running style.

The salesman at any good sports shoe brand will help you figure out whether you are an underpronator, neutral pronator or underpronator. Great shoes will be comfortably, roomy and well padded from inside and will consequently save you from the high impact of running.

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