How To Manage Household Waste

All the community members can say a strict no to the use of plastic, which is non-biodegradable, and cause a great harm to nature. Group efforts can be made to use paper instead of plastic for packaging various gift items and others.

People can be encouraged to use cutleries instead of plastic plates, plastic glasses and plastic bowels. Also instead of consuming concentrated fruit juice and others, which have plastic packaging, people should prefer consuming fresh juice in non-plastic glasses.

Each Household’s Waste

Community can make an effort to know, how much biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste is coming from each house. Try to figure out the reason why so much non-biodegradable waste is coming from some households, and what could be the possible steps taken towards diminishing those wastes.

Encourage Recycling

There are many products used in the households such as, trash bags, newspapers, magazines, aluminium cans, egg cartons, glass containers etc. which can effectively be recycled. You can allocate different people in the community, for collecting these products from the households, and can sell them to the recycling department.

Compost Bins

Community can take a step to place various compost bins along with skip bins, in which people can throw trees, plants and kitchen wastes. All the organic waste can be recycled and can be converted into useful compost, which can be used to enhance the fertility of soil.

You should keep in mind that plastic material like styrofoam, plastic trays, paper cups with plastic lining, clamshell containers, plastic packaging like blister, bubble or shrink wrap cannot be recycled so they should not be mixed with recyclable plastic materials.

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