How to Know if you Need a New Forklift Battery Charger

You know the importance of fork lifts and you have used your forklift to the fullest of its extent. You also know the importance of the battery performance if you want your forklift to perform well. But how do you know when to change your forklift’s battery? Choosing the right type of battery is extremely important. It is also important you know how much fuel is left when you start a new shift. It is also important to have clear idea as to when to change your forklift’s battery.

Important Things to Know While Choosing a Forklift Battery

First things first, make sure that you get the battery from the same forklifts vendor where you bought the forklift. This is always convenient as you can always go back should any problem come up. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where the problem lies: battery or the charger. Your vendor may clear this out for you. It’s important to understand that your charger should match the battery perfectly. Else, the damage could be irreversible.

Make sure the charger’s output voltage matches the battery voltage and forklift’s electrical system’s voltage. Else, battery damage could be fatal. Also, the charger’s connecter should match the battery’s connector and the forklift’s connector. Your charger should always monitor the temperature of the battery and when the temperature falls, it should adjust the charge rate. If the temperature goes too high, the battery may suffer irreparable damage. So you should look for a battery charger which has the potential to even out the battery.

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