How to Get Over your Fear of Contact Lenses

Your eyes are a pair of extremely sensitive and tender organ. Apart from their delicate nature, they are also your most important sensory organs. Naturally, the entry of any foreign particle into your eyes cause a lot of discomfort and you cannot rest in peace till you have removed it. It can therefore be a little scary when you try to insert your multi-focal contact lenses for the first time. But don’t worry, with the right procedure and a little practice you will soon be able to insert and remove your lenses at will. Checkout multifocal contact lenses here.

Common Fears Associated with Wearing Contact Lenses

Many people deny themselves the joy and freedom offered by multi-focal contact lenses simply out of fear. Most of these fears are related with the unsavory feeling of having a foreign object in their eyes and with the actual process of inserting and taking out the lenses.

Difficulty in Inserting your Lenses

Practice thoroughly before you actually begin to wear your multi-focal contact lenses on a regular basis. Always look up while inserting your lenses and insert them from below. Once the lens is inserted, look down so that the lens can float over and position themselves comfortably over your pupils.

Avoid blinking when you are inserting the contact lens; this will be difficult initially but with regular practice you will manage to keep your eyelids steady. Use one hand to hold your eyelids. Place your first finger on the upper eyelid and your thumb on your lower eyelid to keep them firmly in position. Practice regularly in front of a mirror to identify the right position that will allow you to wear your multi-focal contact lenses comfortably.