How to Decide Between Window Tints or Blinds

If you love your home and want to keep it safe from the glaring rays of the sun then looking for an appropriate window solution is a must. Not only do the innovative window solutions available in the market do a lot to cool your home but they also increase your privacy quotient and help you save on electricity bills. You will basically have two choices in terms of contemporary window solutions; films and blinds.

What are Window Tints?

Window tints are films used to protect your home windows from direct sunlight. This also means privacy at home since people outside can barely see you ( depending on the tint used, of course )

What are window blinds?

Window blinds are extremely popular in offices and have recently begun to be a part of modern contemporary homes as well. These blinds are mostly made of organic materials or polyester, fiber, synthetic materials etc. The blinds are super easy to operate and can be pulled up or down with a flick of the wrists. On the flip side blinds have this tendency to block out the view. Also blinds will give your home a very formal appearance. However if you are installing them in your office then you are making the right choice. Interior decor experts say that window blinds add to the character and the professionalism of the working atmosphere.

Health and safety quotient

If you examine the health and safety benefits produced by window blinds and tints then you will see that both are equally effective in keeping out the glare. However when it comes to blocking out ultra violet and infra red rays then window tinting scores more over films by 20% or more, this is largely because of the ceramic and dye content in the films or tints. The overexposure to UV rays will cause cancer, skin diseases and simply spoil your lovely complexion. Therefore, if you have to make a choice between window films and blinds based on health benefits then it is advisable to choose the former.

Budgetary considerations

There are four primary types of window tinting; metalized, ceramic, dyed and hybrid. All these kind of tints have a different range of qualities and associated costs. In any case, getting window films installed specially hybrid films installed is going to be more expensive than fitting out your windows with blinds. Talk to the window tint manufacturer about your needs, budget and things you would like to expect from your window solutions. You can also research a little on the Internet to find out a little more about the subject.