How to Create a Natural Yet Outstanding Extension for your Garden

You can easily change the face of your backyard or lawn by planning an extension for your existing garden. Using innovative landscaping and gardening techniques that will blend seamlessly with the rest of the layout, you can create certain nooks and corners that will have an outstanding effect on the surroundings.

You can do so without investing a fortune or without disrupting the natural ecological balance of your garden. In fact, garden and home extensions are one of the best methods of maximizing the use of available space even while caring for the environment.

Create a Rain Garden

A rain garden is a wonderful way of utilizing rain water for replenishing the groundwater level. With freshwater becoming a precious natural resource, installing a rain garden can be your own way of doing something for the environment. In a rain garden, the rain water that flows away into the storm drain after a storm or deluge (and is thereby wasted) is allowed to slowly seep back into the ground.

Compared to conventional gardens, a rain garden allows about thirty percent more water to seep back into the ground thereby helping in water conservation. And of course rain gardens look beautiful if you can plan and plant the right type of wild flowers and natural vegetation to enhance the all-natural look.

Before purchasing the flowering plants you must know more about the type of butterflies in your area and their preferred flora. You should also know more about the type of flowers that are especially known to attract butterflies and invest in them instead of buying randomly.

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