How to Choose a Good Bathroom Design for your First Home

Your first home is a dream come true and you can never finish renovating it. Bathroom designs are sometimes the most neglected part of the house with least amount of money spent on furnishings. But it could be the most used room of you house and much of your intimate and private moments are spent in the bathroom.

So it is important that you design a cozy space for you and your family which is relaxing and at the same time functional. It should not happen that you have designed one of the most expensive spaces and end up not using it or worse cleaning it. There are some pointers to choose a good bathroom design for you and your family, Click here for  bathrooms in Sydney

Choose the essentials which are durable and in the right color

The ceramics and the other accessories need to be durable and should stand for regular usage. Inexpensive but bad quality accessories may result in you spending much money on renovation and repair. It is important that you select a perfect color which matches the wall space and design the bathroom around it. Majority of the readers would choose white as the color of the ceramics as it is easy to clean, doesn’t fade and matches every wall color.

Choose a good design based on the size

Choose a good shower curtain to provide a barrier between the toilet space and the bath. This would give an illusion of a big bathroom. You can go for a sheer curtain or the opaque one depending on your tastes. If you have limited space, buy a bathtub that will not occupy the entire space in your shower area.