How to Be a Good Wedding Photographer

There are many areas in photography that you can excel in and one of those is in the area of wedding photography. Just like all the other areas, you need special training to become a good wedding photographer. Taking wedding photos is a one-time only scenario, thus, there are no rooms for errors. Unlike in landscape photography where you can come back and set another photo session, a wedding photographer must have a keen eye and he must learn to anticipate when an emotional moment is about to happen. These events happen abruptly and the photographer must always be prepared with his different types of lenses to capture those moments. These photos last a lifetime and they certainly speak a thousand words. Below are just some tips on how you can become a good wedding photographer:

1) Learn how to use a manual camera. Though it is the age of digital photography, still the manual camera gives a different dimension to the photos, the clarity and crispness is still incomparable. Also, the clients have an option whether they prefer digital camera or manual camera to be used on their wedding day. Thus, equip yourself with the knowledge of adjusting aperture, etc. manually.

2) Lenses are investments. A wedding photographer must carry with him different kinds of lenses. Each of which has its own function and you cannot take good shots if you scrimp on lenses. Some are used for long-distance shots while some are used for wide shots, and some for close-up shots. These lenses are expensive but with proper care, these will last for a long time.

3) Study the proper use of lights in enhancing a photo. A dull looking photo can turn interesting with the proper balance of lighting and shade.

4) Study the facial angles of the couples. The imperfections can be hidden if the wedding photographer knows how to angle his camera so as to come out with perfect photos. This can be achieved by poses that will highlight the best angles.

5) Wedding photographers have an eye for detail and is a keen observer. Sensitivity to his surroundings is one trait that can take a photographer to the apex of his chosen field. You may have the right camera equipments, but if you are not sensitive enough to anticipate when a ‘moment’ is about to happen, then you miss the chance of capturing a moment that speaks a thousand words.