How Solar Power Systems and Panels are improving with Time

Solar power is one of the most promising energy sources in the coming years. With the gradual depletion of fossil fuels and the pollution scares, solar power has been propped up by the government with major subsidies and tax exemptions. But the solar power utilization is still in its infancy and it is important that you need to harness new technologies and ideas to improve efficiency of this installation.

Improving solar panel efficiency

The solar panels need continuous source of solar power from the sun. during a cloudy day or in peak winter season it is possible that the solar panel efficiency goes down due to the lack of exposure from the sun. Moreover the sun follows a trajectory in the sky and the solar panel does not move to capture the maximum energy in relation to the sun’s position. Solar trackers are new innovations which you can install on the panels which track the passage of sun across the sky. This helps your installation to be in the optimum position to capture maximum solar power from the sun.

Solar concentrators

Solar concentrators are stationary devices which uses complex dye molecules to concentrate solar power. When the sun rays focus on the dye molecules the neutrons gets agitated releasing high amount of energy which is converted to energy. MIT’s luminescent solar concentrator uses glass sheets instead of your plastic ones sprayed with dye molecules. It uses aluminium molecules which prevent the re-absorption of energy thus increasing the efficiency of your installation.

In order to meet the high demands on packaging lines, a high speed conveyor machine is necessary.

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