How Does Creatine Work?

Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. They make up our muscles and provide a lean shape to the body. Proteins in turn, are made up of small units called amino acids of which Creatine is the most popular. Skeletal muscles store creatine and it is also produced by the body.

Creatine is therefore a naturally occurring substance and using it to improve your workout routines will not hamper your health in any way. But how does this creatine you are using actually work? The simple answer is – creatine is broken down to produce more energy and hence you have more energy to exercise and build extra body mass. The longer answer is slightly more convoluted. But reading it will give you an insight into how your body uses this miracle Creatine powder to grow bigger and better.

The energy systems in the human body

Our body has three different types of energy systems – the ATP energy system, the lactate system, and the Creatine-Phosphate system. The first two systems are used when the body is working at sixty to ninety percent efficiency that is the oxygen taken in is being converted to ATP which is the energy currency of the muscle at a sixty to ninety percent conversion rate.

This is enough for people who need some dose of moderate level exercise in their daily life. But for serious athletes and muscle builders, nothing less than a hundred percent efficiency rate will suffice. This is when the body uses the Creatine-Phosphate pathway to produce energy. It is faster and more efficient and produces ATP at a higher rate than any of the other pathways.

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