How Accommodation Apartments Differ From Hotels

When you are planning an exotic vacations then accommodation will be a major issue for you. Mostly you will be debating whether to use an accommodation apartment or a hotel. While hotels are great for their standards of luxury, great restaurants and excellent room service but they come with their own set of problems. Choosing Accommodation apartments in Byron Bay have their own distinctive features which earn them a lot of loyal fans.

Room service

Room service is a blessing which comes with its own set of problems. Suppose you are getting ready for a nice long soak in the tub or are getting settled in to watch your favourite tv show and you hear a sharp rap on the doom with a shrill announcement “room service”. With a dour mood you get up and allow the service staff to clean and maintain the hotel room.

In contrast an accommodation apartment is mostly like your own home. You have to arrange for your own cleaning and washing. This will probably add to your task list but it will also give you a lot more privacy. If you stay at an accommodation clean apartment you will have to make quite a few trips to the local grocery store.

Cost savings

There is no doubt that accommodation apartments are much cheaper than hotels. Even if you are checking in alone you will be pleasantly surprised to see a reduced bill. When you are travelling in a group then the cost savings increase. If you don’t mind sharing the rented apartment with a partner then you will save a lot more. A two bedroom apartment will be significantly cheaper than two equivalent hotel rooms.

With the exquisite view of the beach, spending your vacation on a beach accommodation is the best place to be.

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