Hire a Male Escort

A male escort can act as a tour guide if you are new to a city and would like local knowledge to help you move around. Your escort is likely to know the best sights; theatres; bars and finest restaurants where you can unwind and get a taste of local flavor. He can also arrange for transport for you both to move around smoothly and will do everything to make your stay memorable and enjoyable. Some escorts even have boat license and will take you for rides to make your stay even more memorable.

At your Hen’s Party

Sometimes, all-ladies party can become a tad boring and you really need a guy to spice things up. Hiring a male escort for your hen’s party is a wonderful way of spending some free and fun hours with your girlfriends before marriage ties you down.

For your Couple’s Night

Turn your regular couple’s night into something more spectacular and exotic by hiring a male escort for the event. There are many heterosexual male escorts who are absolutely comfortable with a threesome setting and will even add to the occasion with their special knowledge and expertise in such matters.

As a Travelling Companion

As a lady on the move, take along a male escort both for safety and company. Your escort will assist you in every way during your travel and will stay with you as long as you require. It is always better to have somebody take care of your personal belongings and sort out other issues while you attend to your business needs.

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