Helpful Forklift Servicing Tips

Vehicle maintenance is a continuous job, and a costly piece of machinery like an industry forklift requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Not only does this make your operator’s work easier by providing him with a well-oiled machine that responds to his every signal, but it also lessens the chances of an accident at the workplace due to machine failure. To make sure that your company forklifts are working in top condition take them for regular servicing, and while you are at it keep these below pointers in mind to ensure that the servicing is done properly.

Do a daily check for required fixes

The oils, water, and tyres need t be checked daily in case they need changing, and safety items like seatbelts, mirrors, and emergency disconnect should also be given a thorough check.

Check the fork tyres

Dragging the fork tyres on the ground can cause wear and tear. Make sure that your forklift operator does not drag the tyres unnecessarily and if any repairs are needed, get them done soon.

Report the problems

As a forklift operator, it should ideally be your job to report any wear and tear and make sure all fixes are done in time.

Watch the hydraulic hoses for signs of damage

Hydraulic hoses are important components of the forklifts. They need to be checked constantly for signs of damage and any replacements needed should be done before the hoses fail completely and ruin the vehicle.

Check the radiators periodically

Ensure that the radiator unit on the forklift is cleaned and blown out periodically. This will prevent any unwarranted damages from happening.