Healthy Vegetable and Fruit Juices to Consider for Your Juice Bar

The most important thing in a juice bar, well apart from the fruits themselves, is the menu. Once you have bought all your equipment – ranging from disposable tissues to commercial juicers – it’s time to think about the juices themselves. And if you are aiming to tap into the fitness conscious client base, then you will need to have these must haves in your kitchen which are filled with the goodness of health and nature and which will sell off your counters immediately!


Grapefruits are nature’s antioxidants. They are good for digestion and for fat removal – in fact there is a whole diet that revolves around grapefruits. Keeping grapefruits in your menu will help you gain customers easily. Do note that grapefruits may not be compatible with some medicines, so do keep a warning note for your customers.


Apart from being a good hangover cure, tomatoes are essential defense mechanisms to ward off different types of cancers including breast and prostrate cancer. The goodness of tomatoes comes from the lycopene content in them, which is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants there is.


A dash of the fresh tanginess of summer pineapples and you are raring to go again! Pineapples are rich sources of energy, they have high Vitamin C content which boosts immunity (remember the tablets you took to ward off colds?), and they have an anti-inflammatory substance called Bromelain which can be effective in reducing swellings and bruises.

Plan your meal intelligently. You can include a protein supplement to your juice and make a protein shake.