Hardwood Floor Maintenance to Reduce Damage and Stains

Hardwood floors have a lot of advantages for homeowners. Aside from the fact that it adds an elegance to its interior, it can also give a warm atmosphere to it. But hardwood floors is a high maintenance type of floor also. Following are some of the things that should be done to reduce the damage and stains on your floor.

Preventing a few things

To prevent early damage to the engineered wood floors, you should prevent a few things. Don’t use normal wax with urethane or any other gloss for wooden floor polishing. Don’t wear high heels and walk on the floor. If you have pets at home, make sure their nails are trimmed. Don’t use water or ammonia on the floor. This will spoil the wood.

Avoid dragging things on it

There are various items which you might place on your hardwood floor. One of them is furniture. When using furniture, never drag them on the floor. They can easily scratch the floor and damage it. You can lift the items and slowly place them on the floor. Alternatively, you can attach felt pads to the feet of the furniture and other items – preventing damage.

Environmental protection

Dampness and moisture are enemies of your hardwood floor. Don’t let water stay on the floor for a long time or you may find spores and fungi growing. Maintain humidity levels to 40 to 50%. You can use a hygrometer to check the levels. Use an Air-conditioner or heater to keep the levels under control. Also, don’t expose the hardwood timber floor to sunlight or rain. This might change the color of the floor and make it look dull.

Polish the floor or paint it

One of the better ways to maintain the durability, shine and prevent stains is wooden floor polishing or painting. Polishing helps revive the old colour, remove stains and enhance the grains. Painting helps conceal stains, make the floor water or sunlight resistant, hide cracks and revamp the look of the floor.