Hardwood Decks Maintaining Tips

Repairing splinters and warps is needed to prolong the life of the wooden deck. Leaving them untreated can increase the damage further. After you are done washing your deck and before you seal the gaps, fill sand in the splinters and cracks. Be sure to let your deck dry for 48 hours before you proceed with this activity.


Seal the Cracks

Once you are done with filling sand in the cracks of your deck, get a sealant of your selection and seal the gaps of the entire deck. This needs to be done at least once a year for keeping up the look and functionality of your deck for long.

Inspect the Deck Components for Rot

Check the components of the deck and supporting posts for decay especially the ones close to ground level. Any early signs and small portions of rot can be scraped off and a wood preserving agent can be applied. You can also opt for wooden floor polishing which will revive its lost shine. Larger portions of decay need the portions to be replaced. Also check that the boards and railings are held in proper place firmly.

Eliminate Causes of Rot

More often than not, the surrounding conditions are responsible for the wooden deck decay. Keep the surroundings clear of thick vegetation to prevent accumulation of debris and moisture on or near the deck. They also provide shelter to insects, termites and roaches which can cause damage to the wooden deck. Keep your drainage system clean to prevent clogging and water accumulation in the vicinity.

These simple and effective steps will keep your deck shining like new and prolong its life for sure.

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