Gym Equipments for Small Spaces at Home

No time to go to the gym after a tiring day? Then set up your own gym at home. However, when you have a limited space at home, then the following exercise equipments are ideal for you.

Wall Pulley System

Wall pulley system has to be attached to the wall or door in your room. Wall pulley system is excellent equipment, and is mainly used for strength or resistance training. You can vary the height, resistance and weights used in the pulley, according to your personal preferences, requirements and fitness level.

Mini Stepper

Mini stepper is the small edition of stair machine. Rather than adding all the features in small form, only steps have been included in mini stepper. Some gym equipment also uses resistance tubing for giving support. You can practice different kinds of workouts with the help of mini stepper. And it’s very comfortable to store it, you can store it in your cupboard or under the bed.

Folding Elliptical

Elliptical is also excellent gym equipment, which provides you a great cardio workout. Just like treadmills, traditional form of elliptical is very hefty in size and consumes enormous space. But again, there is myriad variety of elliptical machine. You can buy it in small size.

You can buy modified elliptical machine having wheels used in it. Wheels would enable you to take the machine wherever you want to use it in the house. Folding elliptical machine is also very prominent; you can fold the machine, when you don’t require it.


Dumbbells are the most versatile gym equipment used in homes. Weight training is paramount for building strength and toning various parts of your body. You can buy a set of dumbbells and can add superb exercise equipment in your mini gym.

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