Guidelines on Selecting Office Water Drinking Fountain

Everyone will surely would want to intake a safe drinking water. With this, having a water drinking fountain in your office is a must. You can either mount the water fountain on the wall or keep it as a standalone unit. Both types are available in different models and most of these models come with an internalized filter for removing odours that might be present in the water that is supplied from the main source. The inbuilt filter also helps in making the water more potable.

Some models have a capacity to dispense 30-50 litres of sparkling clean chilled water every hour. If you install an office drinking water fountains in your business premises you can do away with the existing water reservoir where the stored water becomes unfit for drinking after a certain period.

The entire body including the sink top is usually made of stainless steel for a longer shelf life. To confront the issue of leakage, models have inbuilt pumped or gravity waste module.

Water bottling equipment is heavy duty drinking water fountains that are extensively used in restaurants, hotels, bars, and catering services. A typical water bottling system can deliver 70-180 litres of chilled water every hour. Installing such a system in your restaurant or cafe will bring down your water supply bill to a great extent. Cleaning and maintenance are convenient as well.

Selecting the service provider

After you’ve selected the type you need for your commercial space, you’d need to find a reputed company that has established its goodwill for supplying all categories of drinking water fountains. Browse through the catalogues of three or four companies.

Select on the basis of quality, ergonomic design, and composites that can be easily serviced or replaced.