Guidelines on Employing a New Forklift Driver

Forklift is a heavy machinery that needs a skilled person to operate and maintain it properly. Like any other vehicle, forklift needs to be maintain at all times to maximized it’s capability on it’s day-to-day operation. To find a skilled and experienced operator is difficult, but when you know exactly what you are looking for IT does help to narrow down the search a bit.

The must-haves for becoming a forklift operator

Knowing the ins and outs of operating a forklift – Just having a certificate of training s not enough if the candidate does not have any experience whatsoever nor has no sure knowledge of what to do with a forklift. Ask the candidate questions pertaining to the job and judge his reactions. This will help you select the right candidate for the job.

Training from a qualified school – Make sure the operator you are hiring has the right kind of training and is certified to operate the kind of forklifts in use in your industry. Many training courses offer just a general program which includes all kinds of heavy machinery but your company may require something more specific. Also it never hurts to do some background check on the training instructors and their level of expertise. After all, a student is only as good as his teachers.

Safety training – If the candidate has some safety training included in his CV along with the mandatory training in vehicle operation, it will only be an added bonus and you can rest easy knowing you have placed some really powerful machinery in trusted hands.


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