Gift Ideas for Festivities among Office Staff

Giving gifts to your office staff for festivities is a very honourable tradition. It has a distinct culture of its own. For it develops your relationship with your colleagues, it is a wonderful gesture. Even simple Promotional products might do wonders for your work atmosphere. Gifts not only show that you care about your colleagues, their hobbies and personalities, but they also acknowledge their presence in a great way.

There will always be people who remain isolated, not mingling so much with other staff. Gifts are a way to wake them up and make them feel good. So make sure you choose your gifts properly. They have to be memorable.


If your budget is good, consider food gifts. They are easy and your staff will appreciate them very much. Some people may not like any kind of fancy items, but everyone will enjoy good food. Meat gifts like hams and turkeys go a long way. Buy them gifts in the form of cards or certificates to any reputable poultry shops.

If you don’t want to go with meat, buy them gift coupons for some high-end cake and wine shops. Your gifts may include wine, champagne, chocolates and sausages. Or instead of buying them coupons, you can gift them large baskets filled with fruit and chocolates. This will also give you a chance to make your own gift baskets.

Buying book gifts could be tricky. They are not universal like stationary items or food. You should know everyone well in your office to choose books for them.