Get Your Catering Business of the Ground

You have identified a good place to fish, already discovered a place you can sell your fish and make a lot of money and you’ve even gone to the extent of learning how to fish. What next? Who will give you a fishing rod? Axsesstoday will give you a fishing rod. We are the best equipment financing company in Australia and through our experienced financial experts we’ve been able to come up with an easier, fairer and faster way to fund you small business to success. Of course the fishing rod thing was an example, but catering equipment finance is a service we actually offer. We fully fund purchase of all the equipment you will need to get your catering business started.



You may be asking yourself how to apply and what are the repayment rates we charge? Here are your answers. Our application system is quite simple; it will hardly take you three minutes. We try to make this easier for you by reducing on the paperwork that most banks focus on. You will need to provide any of these three forms of identification; your identification card, driving license, Medicare number or a passport. About the repayment rates, you will discuss with our financial experts on the best rates for your small business. Our goal is to try and assist small businesses to grow. So many people out there have great ideas but without the finances or platforms to transform their ideas to actual businesses, there’s actually nothing they can do. We try not to be like banks or these other ‘big fish’ financial institutions that always want to hold the assets of your business as a guarantor. Our flexibility ensures that every small business is accommodated. Catering equipment finance is just a tip of the iceberg.

We have links to top manufacturers of catering equipment; therefore you can only expect to get the best in the market. Some of the equipment we provide under the catering equipment finance are Coffee Machines, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Display Fridges and Pizza Ovens just to mention a few. If the equipment you want isn’t part of our list you can still apply. We will contact our links and do our best to get the equipment for you.

We always try to understand how ‘small’ a small business can be, therefore you don’t have to worry about the size of your startup. We give you a fishing rod; you make a business out of it.