Get Oriented With the Uses of Bollards

Do you know what bollards are? For those who do not know yet as this term is not really that popular, it is that post you see most of the time in the wharfs where ropes are tied so that the boat on the other end of the rope will not be swayed far from the wharf. That is the original function of bollards though lately, a number of functions are becoming available for them. A bollard is a short vertical post. In today’s time, they are already quite common though maybe you will assume that it is called a post. Bollards these days are very useful as what is just mentioned, they already have many functions thus you will see them not only in the wharfs but everywhere like even when you are driving down the road. Yes, Bollards are also used to diver direction like maybe because a construction is going on that area .


For more information, check out below some more uses of bollards:

– They are now used not only to divert directions but at the same time, to prohibit vehicle owners from parking on the wrong place. By placing bollards instead, it will be impossible for them to insist on parking their cars.

– They are also used to separate the types of people on the roads like the cyclers, the pedestrians and the vehicle drivers. This is to prevent accidents from happening.

– They are also at times posted in front of the stores or buildings so that if there are vehicles with malfunction brakes, they cannot easily ram the protected building or stores.

– They are the most common tools used to protect their buildings or children that are in the said area like in schools, bike paths, universities, government buildings, marinas, stadiums and still many others. You see, with bollards on the way of even malfunctioned trucks, the impact would be less when they will accidentally ram a building as bollards are made of steel and can really slow down the vehicles.

– There are also bollards that are use to block the vehicles from moving like if they are parked in a slope. These types of bollards are called the bell bollards as they are formed like bells. They are also at the same time utilized to protect bollards with regular sizes.

– The can also act as drive thru lanes. You see, not all bollards are placed permanently. There are bollards that can be removed like those bollards with tubes. They can be retracted so that they will be completely hidden in such a way that their top will be the only part that will be seen. By doing so, the area that is supposed to be denied will now be available.

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