Funny Plumbing Terms and Jargon

Plumbing is a serious business but it does employ some funny terms and jargon. If you are not familiar with these, it is high time you did. The reason is rather simple; almost all of us need the services of a plumber sooner or later and rather than being embarrassed at not knowing the meaning of an expression or jargon used, or worse still, misinterpreting it, will wreck havoc. These jargon as you will find out hold a completely different meaning in daily lives, so it is advisable get accustomed to the meaning in plumbing sense, to save your face.

Some of the list of commonly used plumbing jargon which does not mean what you thought them to be.




This has nothing to do with the human anatomy nor is it remotely connected to biology of any sort. It refers to the air and water mixing mechanism present in the taps which prevents the spillage of water or splashing. It controls the flow to a great extent and maintains a steady stream of water with just the right speed.

A problem with clogged drain is a serious issue, that is why you will be needing the service of plumbers. They will make the lives of many people easier as they are great in fixing water drainage.

Drip Channel

A drip channel is not connected to the television nor does it refer to any television or radio channel meant exclusively for plumbers. It is in fact a drainage mechanism along the shower door which prevents the water from spilling on to the floor when the shower cubicle door is opened. It directs the flow to the drainage instead. But for this mechanism, the number of accidental falls in bathrooms would have multiplied tremendously.

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