Function – An Important Aspect of a Good Landscape Design

There is a popular perception that states that landscaping is merely a style statement, and has nothing to do with the function aspect. Clearly, a majority of homeowners tend to splurge money on landscaping their homes, armed with only thoughts of beautifying, seldom has it ever been about adding more functionality. That is why there is an increased need to inform and educate people about the importance of the functionality aspect, while landscaping their homes.

The Basic Principle

First and foremost, before commencing the landscaping tasks in your home, it is vital for you to both know and comprehend the fact that the landscaping is as much about aesthetics as it is about utility.

When a client approaches a landscaping designer to do his home, the designer will not give suggestions before listening to your needs, and seeing the conditions on the site.

Only after he is through with the two steps, the designer will proceed further and prepare an outline comprising a list of ‘features’ where landscaping needs to be done. He will view the features in terms of form, texture, visual qualities, color, and visual weight – these are the basic tenets of garden design.


If you are choosing a certain space on which landscaping is to be done, make sure you know and understand certain facts. Firstly ask yourself if the particular will be of any good use to you. If yes, what use will it be to you, how are you going to use that space.

Also consider things like would you be using the space to socialize, or would be exclusively for you. And if you’re contemplating on landscaping the entire home, then you will have to see what other amenities do you want to include – a swimming, a flower bed, a play-area, a barbecue-area. The options are endless. Moreover, installing a shade sail adds a new dimension to your landscape design.