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Community services are the services which are done by individuals in the society, without getting paid. Community services should not be confused with volunteering, which does the exact job as its predecessor, helping people and the society, but it differs in the way it is imposed on individuals. Volunteering, as the name suggests have people willingly commit to an activity, whereas community services are compulsory, and does not take an individual’s opinion or interest in their account. Mostly, people think that the scope of community services has been just related to that of the punishment given out to the prisoners, but no, colleges offering a diploma of community services work are a proof. The diploma is a proof of the fact that community services are more that rather than just restricting itself to the reprimand for juveniles and small crimes, it aims for a larger benefit.


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Many schools incorporate this practice so that the students may gain a sense of civic responsibility. The scale of work which this service covers everything from sweeping streets, raising awareness for a cause, controlling traffic in school areas, helping the elderly, planting trees to a level above, which incorporates giving charity, building homes, works of restoration of old and tattered walls and other structures. The simpler ones are done by the students and the more tougher responsibilities are handed out to the people who have a diploma of community services work. Because working for hospitals, fire stations and any other public service will require a thorough guideline and a worksheet, with the assistance of a professional. There will also be a different age group catering to these services.

Many people have taken an interest in community services and are determined to carry on that path for the rest of their life. Community services are not only beneficial for the society, but for the individuals who dedicate themselves. It helps in building up their character, one can make friends and be close with the people within the community, it increases civic responsibility and can be a bonus qualification when applying for colleges.

Diploma of community services work is a course which specializes in providing training for a person to work in residential and commercial areas. Many institutions are providing this course, concentrating on one aspect of community service at a time. There are many job opportunities open such as client service assessor, mental health support worker, group facilitator, child protection worker, family support worker and juvenile justice worker, once an individual completes the course. One can therefore pursue his passion of serving people and keep a job for himself at the same time.