Expectations and Team Building

‘No man is an island’ – this adage does not hold truer anywhere else as much as it does in the workplace. To bond with your teammates, to feel at one with them and to know your own status and have a clear idea of your goals is very important for employee satisfaction. It is also important to know that conflicts within a team are natural since everyone will have different expectations, but it is how you resolve these conflicts while still remaining a cohesive unit is what team building is all about.

Key Questions to clarifying expectations

As a team lead or the manager, it is important that you give your teammates enough information to answer these following questions which will also help in clarifying their roles and expectations:

•    The team’s goals and roadmap
•    The role of individual members in achieving the team’s goals
•    The role of the manager and how the information for the team’s work is disseminated by the manager or the lead
•    The go-to person in case any help is needed
•    Decision making strategies, and what individual skills can be used to arrive at a common decision
•    How can the team express differences without blaming others and what is to be done in case of unproductive behavior from a colleague

You can attend a conference on team building, to develop your skills as a team lead or manager. Taking your team mates along, or organizing a conference on team building in the office premises where everyone is welcome to participate and pitch in ideas can be a wonderful event as well.