Essential Home Maintenance Jobs You should Target Every Year

Most homeowners start off being terribly enthusiastic about their homes when they newly purchase them. However the passage after few years tames down the interest level and lack of maintenance is said to be the top reason for devaluation of property according to real estate experts. This is exactly the reason why you should pay attention to the maintenance of your home so that you get good returns when you decide to sell your property in the long run.

Cleaning the filters well

The air filters in the air conditioner needs to be cleaned regularly in order to keep the cooling system functioning well. During the long winter months you would not be able to switch on your AC so it’s obvious that dust and dirt are going to accumulate in the air conditioner vents. When you switch on the AC without cleaning it then you pollute the atmosphere of your home and risk getting yourself exposed to many diseases. Clean the AC with bristles on a soft brush and vacuum the vents well to get rid of the dirt. Soap and water is often all you need to clean the vents well.

Annual deck cleaning project

Before you make grand plans of inviting friends and family over for barbeque parties on your deck its essential to do some routine maintenance jobs. Check the deck for hairline cracks and get them repaired as soon as possible by a professional. Pressure cleaning is a very effective method for sucking away all the dirt and grime from your deck. However you need to educate yourself on how to handle pressure cleaning before embarking on this project. It’s recommended that you call in a local handyman to take care of deck cleaning before the summer starts.

Keeping the bathroom tiles clean

This is a job you need to keep doing at frequent intervals if you want to maintain a perfectly hygienic condition in your home. The grout especially the bathroom grout is a place which attracts dirt and soon encourages mould formation. You can try scrubbing with a good quality scrub pad and soap solution. If the grout still looks dirty you can even try bleaching it. If nothing works out you have to resort to getting your washroom grouted by a handyman.

The carpets are also important home aesthetics that need to be clean on a regular basis. You can use the DIY method or hire professionals to do it.