Engineered Wood Floors

The matter of debate is on its peak about the simple wood flooring and the engineered wood flooring. This is getting heat day by day as the flooring is getting heat. If we see overall, both have their own significance. It is really hard to differentiate between the solid wood floors and the engineered wood floors. Even the experts may get confused about which are engineered floors and which are the plank wood floors.

The first great benefit of engineered floors is that they are highly easy to fit. They are fitted to more places than the planks and these are less expensive as well. So these are more affordable ones.

In old times, the engineered floors can be used on specific places. These are the floors which got more and more developed in last 2 decades. Nowadays, these can be fitted to any place and there is no specific requirement that how a place should be in order to install these. These floors are more stable than all other floors. Moreover, they have higher level of the water tolerance. They have ability to tolerate the moisture more than any other kind of wood floors.

The engineered flooring has good range in it. It comes in various thickness and width. The price of the wood increase as the material input is increased. Mainly, it is increased keeping in view the amount of veneers utilized in making this. The more veneer is used in manufacturing this product, the more expensive it becomes.

The finishing of these floors also depends on the veneer. If the veneer is very thin (can be as thin as only 0.6mm or similar), it is really hard to give it a finish again. While, if the thickness is between 2mm to 6mm, it can get different finishing touches and can be more modified.

The thinner versions of these floors were made in order to put it onto the concrete slabs. But when the thickness increased, the people became able to install these on certain subfloors same as the planks. This increased the demand of these floors in the market as the people became able to get it installed onto the different subfloors and they were affordable as well.

The latest floors feature a system of tongue and groove which enables these floors to get locked onto the surface. These floors are named as the floating floors and they can be installed over plenty of layers made with different materials.

These floors may get sometime a little edge over other types of flooring. The reason is that these are highly customizable and can be fitted in more places.