Maintaining Your Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring Melbourne  is already in itself a very good investment. Not only does the floor look marvelous but it is also easy to install and is very sturdy. However, your engineered timber flooring needs to be maintained and be shown a little love in order to keep it at in its peak performance as well as its beauty as the flooring will do several things at once namely give visitors a good impression as well as perform as what it was intended to be and that is to be a sturdy flooring. Here are three simple steps taken in order to maintain an engineered timber flooring.

Avoid using cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions of various types may prove to be harmful than good when it comes to maintaining an engineered timber flooring and the reason for this is the cleaning solutions will most likely strip the flooring off its protective coating as well as cause massive discoloration to the wood which can be detrimental to its appearance and defenses. Some cleaning solutions worth noting that are damaging to an engineered timber floor are identified as caustic-based cleaners, ammonia and bleach.

Using protective flooring materials

When an engineered timber flooring has recently been installed in a residential or commercial setting, one of the best ways in order to keep the floor in its optimum state is by using materials that can help protect it from possible scratches and buffs. Items such as rugs and carpets can do the trick and can take care of scuff marks from shoes. Along with rugs and carpets, protective pads can be placed on the feet or furniture such as tables and chairs in order to keep the floor protected from scratches as these pieces of furniture are often dragged along the floor when moving them from one location to another.

Regular cleaning is encouraged

The simple act of cleaning the timber floor on a regular basis is a good way in keeping engineered timber flooring clean and maintained. Sweeping and vacuuming are already good options in order to help keep this special type of flooring looking good but the application of the right cleaning solutions and floor waxes have to be carefully picked out. These solutions and waxes should be compatible with engineered timber otherwise it will become a problem in one way or another as damage will become imminent.