Energy Healing Modalities Explained

Energy healing involves a variety of techniques, all centered on the idea that underlying everything is a life force or energy, sometimes referred to as chi or qi in traditional Chinese medicine.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is any therapy that strives to restore energy balance and health. Although doctors rely on medicine to heal, this only focuses on a physical aspect, and does not necessarily address other aspects of health, such as the mind, body, spirit, or energy of a person. Energy healing uses the power of the energy found in the universe, including the patient and practitioner, to alieve pain, transfer or unblock energy, and improve health in a more holistic way than traditional medicine. Energy healing may involve touch, pressure, or even a hands-off approach.

Basis for Energy Healing

Although the belief that everything contains or is made of energy is an ancient one, modern day science like quantum physics supports it. As science delved into the building blocks of the universe, it narrowed down what makes up life to particles and atoms, and even further, discovering that all atoms and therefore matter is made of invisible energy.

What are Energy Healing Modalities?

Modalities are simply the methods, techniques or practices used in energy healing. It is the mode in which the healing is administered.

What are Examples of Energy Healing Modalities?

There are many different modalities, but some of the most well-known include acupuncture, Reiki, and magnetic therapy.

Which Energy Healing Modality is Best for Me?

Each therapy exists for a reason. One modality isn’t necessarily better than another, rather it all depends on what you as a patient are both comfortable with and more interested in.

If Energy is in Everything, Why do I Need to Restore Mine?

It isn’t that people truly lose energy necessarily. Rather, it becomes weakened through many internal and external factors such as negative thoughts and emotions like anger, self-blame, guilt, grief and worry, environmental toxins, unhealthy lifestyles, and trauma. Everything in the body is connected, so although energy is free flowing, your muscles, organs, immune system, and psychology all affect one another. This means your energy can affect your overall health, and vice versa. However, since energy is the most basic building block of the universe, energy healing modalities attempt to both alieve problems and prevent them at the source.

Traditional medicine has obvious and scientific benefits, but energy healing modalities are becoming more and more popular as a longer term and preventative solution. To achieve true health, we need to focus not just on the physical body, but overall wellbeing that comes from achieving a mental, emotional and spiritual balance as well.