Electrical Safety – An Important Aspect to Consider when Buying a House

One of the important aspects to be considered while buying a house is its electrical safety. Pre purchase inspections by Building inspectors need to be carried out especially if the house is an old one. However, the level of inspection done by a building inspector may not provide much information with respect to the electrical standards followed but can help you get an idea of how old the house and its fittings are and whether it has been subjected to any renovations. Here are some tips which will help you judge the electrical safety of a house you wish to buy.

Get a thorough inspection done by licensed third party Pre purchase Property inspectors to make sure you are given unbiased and factual information with respect to the age of the house. This will form the initial step of your pre purchase inspections.

With this information you can rule out any possibilities of the wiring not meeting the present day standards provided the house is not too old. Even then there are some things you need to keep an eye out for.

Check the switchboard and the meter box to know if it has a circuit breaker in place or an Electric Leakage Safety Switch installed. The age of the property and the approvals for recent renovations is a vital set of information. Check for any loose fittings such as plug points, light switches or any electrical fixture. Their poor condition will help you reach some conclusions with regard to the quality of the house wiring.