DiY Plumbing: How to Unclog the Toilet

There are lots of methods that you can actually do when it comes to your Plumbing needs because there are some methods that can be done in a fast way, and with little efforts. One of the most famous kinds of plumbing methods that you can do is unclogging, and for sure you know how important this one is for the sake of your own home’s cleanliness. Take note that clogging can cause a terrible smell on the house, and can make things very dirty as well.

Making sure that you consider doing DiY plumbing in the form of unclogging is a must, and take note that this is very easy to do which is why you don’t need a plumbing service to do this method. Here are the steps in unclogging the toilet:

Reduce Excess Water

If you see that the water on the toilet is getting many already, then that’s indeed a good sign that you have a clogged toilet there at home. Make sure that you remove all of the excess water first before you proceed with the next step in order to avoid further mess. Be sure to close the flapper as well in order to avoid more water from getting into the bowl.


Before you start getting rid of the thing that got stuck there in the toilet, make sure that you ready some newspaper at the sides of the toilet floors. In this way, for sure water will get drained right away. If there is not newspaper or at least a paper towel around, then you can go ahead and use a towel in order to make things clean as well. Be sure to wear gloves as well when doing this in order to keep your hands clean, and make sure that you wear something that you only use at home since it might get dirty though.

Clear the Obstruction

Without the plunger, be sure to try if you can reach the obstruction with your hand. If not, then use something that can reach it if you feel disgusted by touching it. Make sure that you do this only when you see it and if you think that you can reach it. If not, then go with the plunging method. Grab your plunger (any type will do) and start sucking that obstruction until it goes back into the water rather than the pathway in the toilet.

With these methods, for sure clearing out clogs the most basic way will be something that you might want to consider all the time whenever this issue happens. Take note that this is a DiY plumbing method that will assure you the best way to keep the toilet clean indeed!