Diving Instructor – Roles and Responsibilities

The important duty of a diving instructor is to lead tours. He/she will give a detailed basic training to his/her students on diving techniques. The training goes on both inside the classroom as well as in the water. Following this, the group is led on a tour through familiar, non-threatening waters.

Needless to say, the diving instructor monitors all new divers and ensures they use the equipments properly. Diving instructor also makes sure that the new divers perform all the diving techniques safely and properly. Should something go wrong, the diving instructor performs rescue techniques and administer first aid.

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Other Attributes

Since diving is very physically demanding, diving instructors are expected to be fit and strong. They should be terrific swimmers and should be in good health. As amateur divers go wrong from time to time, diving instructors are expected to be very attentive. Apart from this, they should be friendly, outgoing and mainly, they should have the ability to remain calm in emergencies.

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A diving instructor teaches diving techniques to students in different settings, mainly in a pool or in open water. Then, if it is a cruise, the diving instructor is supposed to provide instructions and teach basics in the ship’s pool, followed by doing an open water dive upon reaching the port. The risks here are many (that includes the possibility of drowning as well), hence the instructor should be strong enough and should have the potential to manage pressure.

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